Welcome to my coffee blog!  Here I will talk about all things the many ways that I love and enjoy coffee!  Coffee is after all, my elixir of immortality.  This magic drink also tastes great and provides a warm, energizing comfort feeling.  And you know what else?  I have a feeling that this thing called coffee will soon become popular!

One of my favorite ways to brew coffee is called the “faux French Press” method.  I learned this coffee hack via a family friend.  If you do not have a French Press yet, (we all have our flaws) this is the next best thing that you can do.  To brew coffee “fauxly”, set up your standard drip coffee like you normally would then add one thing to the coffee pot.  In fact, this hack is so simple you will wonder why you never thought of it better.  The add-on item is this: one more coffee filter.

Yes, it’s true, to make coffee French Press style -without using a French Press- you need only use another coffee filter.  Place your second filter right side up and on top of your normal set up, like you are making a coffee sandwich (i.e. coffee filter, coffee, coffee filter).  Then, simply hit the brew button and wait.  The hot water will collect in the top coffee filter and that will produce the French Press style brewing; it’s that simple.

French Press style coffee will taste stronger than regular coffee but, will not taste as strong as espresso.  Faux French Press style coffee will not only taste stronger but, will also make you feel and be stronger!  Guaranteed.  You my dear reader, will be able to hoist an elephant after drinking this!

Before I conclude this post, I have to ask: Have any of you ever tried this faux French Press style of brewing?  And if so, how does it compare to traditional home coffee brewing?  Finally, is there another way to make French Press style coffee without a French Press?  Let me know in the comments.  Merci!



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